Post Fri Jul 17, 2020 1:10 am

Why I love playing World of Warcraft?

I have been playing WoW for a really long time. It is also the video game I spent the most time on.

I vividly remember making a night elf, logging in Teldrassil, and looking at the giant trees and the vibrant colors in awe. From that day onward, I became a fan of the World of Warcraft and the game became my favorite place to visit.

I love the universe, I love the art of WoW, raids give me a thrill and PVP is a lot of fun.I enjoy the thrill of improving my character through professions, gear, etc. I can log in and have a variety of things to do depending on my mood such as M+, PvP, farming for mounts and transmogs, or whatever. And I get quite a bit of entertainment through buying wow gold at

I tried many MMO since, even the well-known FFXIV, but they lack something, they are not as charming, the races feel empty, the lore hollow, and it just doesn't feel like home the way WoW do.