Post Mon Oct 04, 2010 11:49 pm

Apple TV Quickly Hacked - Its Interface Ported to iPod Touch

TinyUmbrella is saying that because of the USB ports in the back, he's already hacked the Apple TV and backed everything up. This means that you'll be able to downgrade yours in the future. He also stated to jailbreak the new device, all you'd have to do is download the updated jailbreaker (yet to be released) and run it from your PC or Mac. Sounds pretty cool.
In other news, Erica Sadun took a look at Apple TV's disk image and said that the iPad may be getting a lowtide UI for whenever it connects with AirPlay to the Apple TV. This means that in future updates, the iPad will have a similar UI to the Apple TV whenever it streams content from it. Well, this means that a lot of code was left in there for the UI to be ran on any other iOS devices, including the iPod Touch. In fact, it's already been ported over! Take a look at this video by Dustin Howett:

source: ... to-ipod-t/