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Sure has been a long time

Let's see the last time I was on here was around 2007? So it's been just under 12 years.

As many of you know, I was one of the original members on this board back when I was still in elementary school. Through the years I had been growing up with other members, posting about homebrew, emulation for the PSP, taking jabs at, etc. It was a huge revolution for the gaming community, being able to bring such amazing games with you on the go and it was incredibly fun to come on here and talk with people about it on the boards.

There's so much I do not remember at all but I do remember one incredibly important time where I behaved irrationally. I eventually made my way up to becoming an Admin on the boards. At that time I and some others were not pleased with the current administration (for reasons I cannot even begin to try to remember) so I deleted the boards and caused a huge stir. What ever issues I and others had with the way things were done on Brew before this happened, does not compare to what I did.

I caused such a huge amount of work for Nik to repair what I had done, and I felt so incredibly disgusted and ashamed with myself I left the boards and never came back.

Well I'm here 12 years later and I see that the boards are still up and that some of the old members come by from time to time. I am of course truly sorry for what I had done. I can't take it back and have no excuses for the way I behaved, other than I was an immature kid just starting high school. Kids do stupid things, and will continue to do stupid things throughout every new generation. Hell, just remembering some of my older posts, I had more grammar errors than I could count.

I've matured a lot since then, and I'm a completely different person now. I'm not here to ask for forgiveness or to seek sympathy, but more just to show that people can change and just to let people know I am incredibly sorry for the way I ended my time here on PSPBrew. I let so many people down who I had come to know over the years on the forums who considered myself as a friend.

I fully expect people will still be angry with me, and I won't argue against it. I do hope there are no hard feelings after all these years. In the case that monkeymaximus doesn't mind me coming back and posting this thread, I am curious how everyone else is doing.

I hope everyone is doing better since the last time we all talked. I enjoyed my time with many here on PSPBrew and Nik and others did an outstanding job throughout its prime years supporting and developing it further.


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