Post Wed Nov 13, 2013 9:33 pm

Re: Is PSP dead?

johnsenes wrote:Is the PSP dead? Does anyone still play it? Is it worthless and should I keep it? Is it valuable? And did it have it's day?

Please help me

The answer to the first question is an emphatic, Daniel Bryan-style NO! Sure, there aren't any more PSPs being produced, but it's a very valuable machine to hold onto (especially a PSP Go), because PSPs of all stripes are becoming increasingly rare. Snatch one up if you don't have it already, and especially try to find a Go (most likely online, but you may luck out and find one at your local GameStop/other used-game retailer).

The answer to the second: YES! YES! YES! *Gets the Yes! Lock slapped on me* *taps out* The answer to the third question is a compound one: NO and YES. The PSP is far from worthless as you can still find some PSP isos scattered all over the Web (but they're becoming harder to find, especially since Devil's Shadow shut down), as well as TONS of PSP homebrew on such sites as this one, the Homebrew Hive (if it's still around),, and I would really like to find a complete library of SmashgPSP characters and levels (including Mew and Mewtwo--who were top-notch, VERY well-done characters), but I haven't found a decent place to find such. Maybe Filetrip has some, but I'm not completely sure... :p