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why isn't there an xbox emulator?



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Post Sun Dec 26, 2010 7:14 am

why isn't there an xbox emulator?

I seen multiple times on line that "it's impossible" to make one, I don't buy that.

There are 3 things at the heart of every computer, processor, memory, buses. I can understand that if xbox games are on a different type of file system, but that can be worked around. Another possibility is the processor machine instructions, that can be worked around too. The only impossibility I see is, if the buses for xbox can process more bits, compared to the wii. In lamen terms, an example is, running windows 64bit on a 32bit processor. I doubt that is the case, from my understanding wii has more data processes than a xbox, so the wii should have a wider data bus, than the xbox. If that "IS" the case, it might be possible to do a data compression for the game, for example converting a loseless audio file to a mp3 file. No reason why it can't be possible, am i Missing something?


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Post Sun Dec 26, 2010 10:14 am

Re: why isn't there an xbox emulator?

The XBox can't even be emulated fully on a PC.... The Wii is definitely not as strong as many people's PC's.
Sorry, but it cannot be done. It's like trying to emulate the PSP on a Gameboy Color.

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