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[Tutorial] Uploading Saved Games



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Post Sun Jan 14, 2007 10:00 pm

[Tutorial] Uploading Saved Games

I Simple Tutorial that will take you from the XMB straight to Uploading to this site.

Ok, lets start.

From your XMB (Cross Media Bars), which is your Main Menu (If you haven't Figured it out already :lol:), switch to the "Game" section, Press either up or down until you reach "Saved Data Utility " this is were your saved games are located.

Now, Insert your means of transportation (Flash Drive, PSP, ect.) into one of the USB slots on the PS3. It should appear in the Saved Data Utility menu, select the Saved game you would like to upload and hit the triangle button, click the "Copy" option and select your means of transportation and it will begin the copying process.

Now, take your flash drive (or whatever you are using) out of the PS3 and connect it to your computer. When you get the chance to open the folder to view the files you will notice a new folder called "PS3", In that folder will be a folder called "SAVEDATA", in that folder will be a folder than will make no sense to you it might read something like "BCUS98107_PROFILE" (That is a Resistance: Fall of Man Save Game that I am using for example purposes) or something along those lines.

Now comes the simple no-brained part.

Zip your file using what process you see fit(Note:the Ziped file must be in .zip format, that is the only format that the Packgen accepts).

Now click on the "Saved Games" link on the PS3 Main Menu located to the left of you on the home page or in the forum index:

Now select the "Upload Saved Games" link:

Now choose the Game, Reigon, and enter a meaningful description:

Click the Upload button!

You should get a reloaded page with some sort of confirmation (along the lines of "Succesfully Added the Saved Game!")

Congratulations, you uploaded a saved game, and thank you for contributing!

Note: I will be adding more pictures very soon
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Post Mon Jul 16, 2012 2:00 am

Re: [Tutorial] Uploading Saved Games

I inform you that yours has saved games upload site does not work and has a problem with the following message: Currently we are rewriting our upload feature. please post on the forums with a link and We Will aussitôt get it uploaded and Credited to you! thanks! then why this message? and what section of the forums on the site must go to send our saves?
Thank you.

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