Post Sat May 02, 2020 7:19 am

Help and doubts on uninstalling HB

Hello everyone, NOOB here.

I have installed HEN yesterday on my system and I started exploring around with possibilities.
I ended up installing a few HB to try them out and deleting them after finding out I didn't need them anymore.

Mostly because I was trying to make PS2 ISOs work.

My question is: deleting a HB/app (any, from ps2 iso placeholder to irisman etc etc) from the XMB is it enough to have it completely unistalled and not working anymore on the system?

With Webman I followed a tutorial and I was able to get rid of it through browser, but what about the others? I can't find any clear info online.

I don't want to get rid of HEN, only of a few things I don't need.

I ask because I'm not only concerned by the space they might take on the HDD, but mostly because I'm worried they'll keep running on the background and stressing the system, making the fan going crazy etc. I unistalled webman for that very reason.

List of HB I tried out and I deleted (some I kept but maybe one day I will delete):
Ps2 ISO launcher/REBUG
react PSN
Webman MOD

Can anyone help?