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I created patched sys_init_osd.self for Habib/Rogero 4.46 CFW.
it will bring some miralatijera's 4.40 feature like system manager,
fan control thread, and usb wake up thread to Rogero/habib 4.46 CFW
Enjoy it for free.....


How to use:

Read the intruction carefully. Use at your own risk. I dont responsible for
any bricks if you do not follow step by steps below.

1. You must use Rogero 4.46 or Habib 4.46 CFW
2. Dump/back up your PS3 flash using multiMAN (you can googling it to find how).
3. Make back up of sys_init_osd.self
How to : using multiMAN mmOS on PS3, navigate to dev_flash/sys/internal and find file named:
sys_init_osd.self. Copy this file to your USB or your PC and safe it in secure location.
4. Extract rogero on your PC. You will find 2 files : sys_init_osd.self and sm.self.
5. Now using multiMAN, enable write access to dev_flash (on multiMAN,
go to Settings -> Write Access to /dev_flash -> Enable
6. Copy sys_init_osd.self on folder patch cfw from test file to your PS3. Copy it to:
dev_blind/sys/internal (replace the old sys_init_osd.self).
7. Copy sm.self on folder fan control from test file to your PS3. Copy it to the root of dev_blind.
8. Turn off your PS3, unplug all usb drive.
9. Turn on your PS3.
10. Check your PS3 Power Indicator LED, if it is yellow (with green LED after few seconds then yellow again);
it indicates that the fan control is working fine.If your PS3 cannot boot to XMB; it indicates your PS3 is
semi brick and you cannot use CFW Tools because it is not compatible with your PS3.

11. I also include core for fast booting, copy flags Folder into Root of a FAT32 Flash memory.
Turn off your Ps3
Connect your Flash memory to the nearest port to Blu-ray drive.
now Turn on your PS3
This greatly improves the boot time.

I created windows tools for changing fan speed configuration for use in sm.self
but it is not free. You can get it for $1.99 USD. just cost a piece of cake
I am not a scamer, i donate some of the cost for helping orphans in my city.
I donate it to the Foundation just for share our happiness.
Thanks for understanding.
Just visit:

(sorry for using Rogero in my domain name).

if you have semibrick when test this tools, use this procedure to recover it:
a. Copy file sys_init_osd.self from your backup in Step 3 to the root of FAT32 USB Drive.
b. Turn Off PS3.
c. Insert your USB/External HD to your PS3 in your right port (Closest to the Blue Drive).
d. Turn on PS3.

if above does not work, try reinstalling CFW (Rogero or Habib 4.46 CFW)