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Manufacturer new application of a US-based software startup WhatsApp has became making quite confidence hot water is created sense in the market while hovering greater sales solutions for the internet business. WhatsApp provides the fast-growing mobile messaging service without any threat to telephone carriers the refund policy application also claims of making from its SMS thoughts. The boost of sales solutions is assisting to have faster fame to the company as the application helps carriers move their customers and this proves more profitable for many customers.
Mr. Brian Acton, co-founder of WhatsApp said with regard to this, "I view it of your perspective that we're facilitating a broad movement to data plans and the entities that provide those plans the particular carriers, so they stand to benefit quite substantially. Everything is about the data. WhatsApp is the most successful of a associated with applications that users can download to their mobile phones to share messages, photos and videos. The applications are popular because while many carriers charge for individual text, or SMS messages, WhatsApp messages travel via carriers' generous or unlimited data plans."
Mr. Stefan Zehle, CEO of UK-based Coleago Consulting said about WhatsApp, "Mobile operators in Taiwan reported a 12 per cent decline in SMS messages in 2011. The impact on the bottom-line is stark: Ovum, a technology research consultancy, calculated in a report released in February that operators lost $13.9 billion in SMS revenue last year. WhatsApp doesn't give out much in during of data. Demonstrated its stellar rise: WhatsApp handled 1 billion messages hours on end last October, couple of years after its launch as a messaging service. Four months later it had reached 2 billion messages a day."
Brian Acton also said, "I am happy with all countries of entire world growth has been particularly strong previously Netherlands and Spain in Europe, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait in the Middle East and Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore in The japanese. WhatsApp is keen to emphasize that's it above and beyond a way to send out SMS messages effortlessly. It's more about the service we provide, including photos and multimedia," said Julia French, WhatsApp's public relations representative. WhatsApp can be contacted on most mobile operating systems, including not only BlackBerry, Android and iPhone smartphones, but devices running the Symbian 60 software that powers many Nokia phones."
Acton also said, "WhatsApp has made very accessible network in all countries of the whole world. By reaching such a broad swathe of users, WhatsApp is forcing operators to conform to. This is particularly the case in Southeast Asia where SMS may be popular, and hugely lucrative, and where users are price sensitive, says Mar Pages, Singapore-based principal at telecoms consultancy Delta Partners. Managing the transition away from high-margin products like SMS is a top priority for most of the mobile operators in the region as part on the wider effort to monetize the data opportunity."
Changes are always welcome by people especially when they modifications made on gadgets and technology to make it advanced and more beneficial. In the presence of so many mobile applications hard work always some change being made including a new feature that creeps in.
There are like hundreds of applications that provide free chatting facility therefore quite famous messengers among the children. Among all others WhatsApp is one those applications may easily be avoided be defined just as the giant in free messaging apps.
WhatsApp has almost 300 million users in a month and in current past there has been much hype close to same owing into the new features positioned on it which has once again made it clear that this particular app has much sensation in market place. This new feature is addition of video chat to the app which was in fact provided by its competitors but was absent from this particular platform.
It is a push-to-talk style function which was offered on the iphone but later it came for all the operating systems that support the software package. This new feature has enabled another hundreds of downloads of the app and the majority of users have upgraded their applications to its latest version to avail these program.
"We spend lots of time at WhatsApp thinking how home furniture make keeping in contact easier, and we will suggest there's no substitute for hearing the sound of a friend or family member's voice. So today we are introducing a new feature we are truly excited about: Voice Messages"
If we have a close look in the success rate of this particular addition to the application, as mentioned earlier it has allowed many more downloads and upgrades it's performance has also been praised. It is sound sensitive and catches decibels of low intensity too. Whatsapp has always been instant and we've got advantage is that the additional features do not slow down the app and originates from eaten up the particular database does not increase a wonderful deal.
There is a modest microphone icon your market app and pushing the icon anyone online can record, releasing the touch or the button will give rise to sending of the voice. It gets delivered easily towards the recipient and doesn't fail like within the other applications which usually its competitors. Presently there is a very exciting feature to this as well. Many times we are sitting in a gathering and our phone beeps, a voice message arrives and you want to hear it privately but cannot because there can be extremely many people. WhatsApp has taken care of this, to hear a message privately all you need do is boost your smartphone close to your ears and the app will automatically reduce the amount of the message methods no one else can hear. Sounds interesting right?
WhatsApp is a pioneer in the world of mobile messengers and with adding so many exciting features it has decided to become a monopoly in the store. Look out for many the latest features that may arrive soon enough.
Enjoy mobile apps and keep tinkering with them.