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Candles Fantasy Shop: Pure Beeswax Candles

Candles Fantasy Shop: Pure Beeswax Candles.
Conical candles are the most popular product in our wax candle workshop "Candles Fantasy". Among their advantages we can note:
Thanks to the simple and strict outlines, conical or antique candles are perfectly combined with any interior, starting with classical style and ending with minimalism.
Candles Fantasy Shop: Pure Beeswax Candles
Conical candles burn not only brightly, but also evenly. They will perfectly cope with the lighting of the room if the electricity is turned off or you want to create a romantic atmosphere in the room.
There will be no difficulties with fixing the candles in the candlestick – the base has a special reverse sharpening, which allows them to be securely fixed in candlesticks of different diameters.
We can also note the opportunity to independently choose the color of candles. You can coordinate this with our manager by phone. An employee of our wax candle workshop "Candles Fantasy" will also advise on any questions that arise, tell you about prices, if necessary, help with the choice. You can choose a complete set – buy from one piece to a box.
You can order candles wholesale and retail. We sell goods of our own production, so the price is affordable and much lower than in other stores.