Post Tue Sep 23, 2014 9:51 pm

doubt webMAN-MOD non-cobra online

I am a brand new CFW player (Habib 4.65 v1.01 - non Cobra), and I would like to know how secure would be playing online using your webMAN-mod (1.30.29) and VSH PRX Loader (1.06U) ?

I have used it already, following this process: VSH PRX Loader, loaded, the game selected on webMAN mod, press R2+/\ for disabling syscalls, activate the internet access on PS3 and launching the game, then connecting to PSN once inside the game, and using, of course, Charles Proxy. The thing is while playing brand new, Destiny, I have been kicked from the server with the message "You have been excluded from the server", then I could reconnect again, but still having the doubt, how secure is playing using this method. Do I have to worry about it?

Thanks for helping ;)